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Series for Beginning Student 
designed to bring the art of yoga closer to all that never practiced yoga before.
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Taking a series of small steps with love and in a mindful way is a wonderful way to start your yoga practice. Please, join us for a special Series to gently introduce this practice to your body and mind...
Yoga is a personal practice, a journey into your very unique body and mind; it is a path of self-discovery providing simple tools allowing one to feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and to live a more harmonious, joyful, conscious life.

In the beginning of this  journey it is very important to find a teacher and style of yoga you would feel comfortable with and to see, if Yoga with Romi is the one that would resonate with you, please feel welcomed to call Romi for free consultation.

Romi is also offering private sessions to help address any needs that may require special attention.
Picture Credit Samsakta Prati Deva