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Yoga Retreat Photos
"Go some place sacred, where you can just breathe, let go and relax."

I believe that sometimes we need a little time away to rediscover our authentic self, to be able to relax into simply being and reconnect with the joy and beauty of life.

When we find ourselves in such a special place,  a peaceful sanctuary as the Zen Retreat Center at Furnace Mountain truly is, reconnecting becomes much easier. We were invited to open our hearts and let in all the breathtaking beauty of nature and its special, sacred energy. Our senses were soothed and nourished, our minds inspired and bodies revitalized. But most of all we had fun...

...We had fun dancing, exploring yoga and meditation, we learned some Tai Chi moves and made a trip to the rock overlooking Red River Gorge and more... take a journey with us, click on the images below to enter the photo gallery...

...When asked what was the greatest blessing for someone on the path of yoga, the sage Vasishtha replied, "The company of others on the same path."

SanghaFriday evening gathering in the meditation hallYou can relax now... restorative yoga in the evening.Heading to yoga class in the meditation hallThe Meditation HallThe LodgeCarol Peachee teaching us some Tai Chi We made it to the top...Overlooking Red River Gorge, the Zen Center somewhere below...
Photo Credit: Janine Lee
The beauty of Furnace Mountain by Janine Lee