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Yoga Aroma Photos
1. Romi and Meg

Meg Barber, Romi's teacher and friend, is a founder of Yoga from the Beginning in Chicago. It was such a blessing to have her in our place, sharing her wisdom and secrets of Yoga Aroma, the art of relaxation in restorative postures, breathing practice and meditation while using natural scents and essential oils from mother earth. 
2. Our lovely altars honoring the flower essences, oils and gift sachets.
To mention few oils that we used - Tulsi, Sandalwood, Geranium, Rose Bergamot. 
And from the group of flower essences we experienced Elm, Beech and Walnut.
We learned the difference between flower essences and oils and how their use can allow for an even fuller and deeper effect on the mind and body.

3. Meg leading students through gentle asana practice

Along with gently stretching the body we used some of the essential oils to balance the first chakra.
4. Sangha

Our sangha (community gathering) following the class. Enjoying yummy snacks, hot tea and just having a wonderful time together.   
What a beautiful day!