Yin and Yang Yoga
The Balanced Practice

The tradition of Yin yoga comes from the understanding of the two facets of existence, Taoist thought of yin and yang aspects. As regular hatha yoga or vinyasa (hatha flow) is considered to be Yang practice, more active, strengthening and lengthening the muscle tissue; yin practice is quiet practice, excellent in working the deeper connective tissues around the joints.
The connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments react to the stretch differently than muscles; it responds best to a slow, steady load. Holding a yin pose for a long time will make them a little longer and stronger, which helps to increase flexibility and joint mobility.
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This Series includes both hatha and yin yoga components. Long-held yin poses designed to release deep connective tissue by releasing muscular effort are combined with some movement and regular hatha asanas (postures) to discover the benefits of each style and experience the balance they both create together. It may include some standing poses and modified hatha flow such as sun salutations, therefore it is suggested to have some prior yoga experience.
"Yang yoga provides enormous benefits for physical and emotional health, especially for those living a sedentary modern lifestyle. Taoists would say yang practice removes qi stagnation as it cleanses and strengthens our bodies and our minds. But the practice of yang yoga, by itself, may not adequately prepare the body for a yin activity such as seated meditation. Seated meditation is a yin activity, not just because it is still but because it depends on the flexibility of the connective tissue."     - Paul Grilley

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