6-week Series for
Intermediate Student

Perhaps you have been practicing yoga for some time and feel the need to get inspired, to deepen your practice and the connection with yourself.
You are more aware of your body and your breath now, you know the basic yoga postures (asanas) but you sense that there is a lot more to this wonderful practice.

In this Series we will still practice the basic yoga asanas and the correct alignment but we might add more advanced variations and longer holds; we might challenge the body, mind and the spirit as we take a journey deeper and practice more complex postures, sequences and breathing practices.
The fee for the whole Series is $68. Drop-in fee is $14 per class. It is suggested to attend the whole Series as in each class we will be building on the knowledge we gain in the prior classes.
Pre-registration is required, payment secures your space.    -register-
620 Euclid Ave., Suite 101
Lexington, KY 40502
New Series
Dates to be scheduled    
6 - 7:15pm

The more you embrace Yoga, the more you will feel its benefits in your life. This Series will guide you further into the creation of  mental, emotional and physical harmony.

This Series is intended for anyone with at least one year of regular practice. Students who attended at least four Series for Beginning Student are welcomed as well, but please consult with Romi in advance.