Series for
Beginning Student

Did you ever have a thought that you would like to know more about yoga and would like to begin this transforming practice, but immediately some other thoughts such as 'Not now', 'Tomorrow', 'It's too late', 'There is no hope', or 'I've tried before and did not help', etc. would come up?

Let's focus on NOW. It only takes a small amount of willingness to begin now and to keep the journey the focus... the rest will come.

In this Series we will gently introduce this practice to our bodies and minds while learning to stretch, strengthen and align the body in basic yoga postures and quiet and focus the mind while learning how to breathe.
The fee for the whole Series is $60; prorated fee $48 should you need to miss one class; drop-in fee is $14 per class should you need to miss more than one class. It is suggested to attend the whole Series as in each class we will be building on the knowledge we gain in the prior classes.
Pre-registration is required, payment secures your space.    -register-
620 Euclid Ave., Suite 101
Lexington, KY 40502
New Series
   June 28 - August 9, 2018
(no class on July 5 and 19)
6:45 - 8pm

Picture Credit Samsakta Prati Deva
Without putting yourself under the pressure to meet the expectations, we learn that there is no destination to be reached, the journey itself is the destination.

This Series is intended to bring the art of yoga closer to those who never practiced yoga before, but also to those returning to yoga practice to reaffirm the foundation of basic yoga asanas (postures) in gentle, slower paced class.

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Please, note that unless we receive the payment from you, we cannot reserve the spot for you and you will have to check before the first class if there is any space left.